1. General

This agreement applies between the subscriber (in the following text called the customer) and Appearo (Primary Group AB org. No. 556734-3602), (in the following text called Appearo). The agreement applies to all services and products Appearo offers (in the following text called the subscription).

1.1 Scope of the agreement

The agreement includes agreement time, fees and cancellation (section 2), support and maintenance (section 3), disclaimer (section 4), customer responsibility (section 5), personal data (section 6) and other contract terms (section 7).

1.2 Amendments to the Agreement

Appearo reserves the right to amend this Agreement at any time. The new agreement is valid as it is published on Appearo’s website (www.appearo.se).

2. Agreement time, fees and termination

2.1 How the fee is paid

Fees for the subscription are made as prepayment against invoice via bank transfer or card payment via PayPal.

2.2 The subscription period for the subscription

The subscription period of the subscription runs until further notice from the time of ordering. Specific service applies during the time specified on the invoice.

2.3 Renewal of subscriptions that occur every 12 months or more rarely

For subscriptions renewed every 12 months, or more rarely, Appearo will send a reminder that the subscription expires shortly, at least one month before the end of the agreed period. Then the customer chooses whether or not to renew the subscription. The customer makes the choice by replying to Appearo via e-mail whether the agreement should be extended or not. If the subscription is not renewed before it expires, the subscription with its content will be deleted.

2.4 Renewal of subscriptions that occurs more often than every 12 months

For subscriptions that are renewed more often than every 12 months, Appearo sends out a renewal invoice for an equal period at the end of the current period. The invoice refers to renewal of the subscription going forward in time. The agreement must be considered renewed at the time Appearo sent the invoice. The invoice must be paid before the payment period expires otherwise, Appearo has the right to cancel the customer’s subscription and impose a reminder fee, late interest and any compensation for collection costs in accordance with the Act (1981: 739) on compensation for collection costs.
If the invoice is not paid within the payment deadline, the subscription with its content can be deleted. The customer is liable to pay for the invoice issued.

2.5 Changes in fees

Charge changes are informed via Appearo’s website (www.appearo.se). Appearo has the right to charge a changed fee upon renewal of a subscription.

2.6 Customer’s right to cancel subscription

The customer has the right to terminate his subscription with Appearo at any time via a cancellation (see 2.7). Invoices that the customer has already paid are not compensated. This is true even if time remains on the customer’s subscription.

2.7 Cancellation of the subscription

A cancellation of the subscription is made by the customer sending a request for cancellation from the email address which is the owner of the account to kundtjanst@appearo.se and then confirming the cancellation by replying to the email that Appearo sends after the customer’s request.

2.8 Active subscription during the contract period

Appearo is responsible for ensuring that the customer’s subscription is active on Appearo’s servers during the contract period (see section 4).

2.9 Deletion of data upon subscription canceled

Upon termination, all data stored by the customer at Appearo will be erased.

2.10 Reactivation of subscription

A canceled subscription may be reactivated in cases where a backup of the customer’s data has not been deleted. When the subscription is reactivated, Appearo charges the customer a fee of SEK 450 including VAT.

3. Support and maintenance

3.1 Scheduled downtime

At each scheduled downtime, Appearo must notify the customer at least one day before the interruption. Appearo notifies the customer through e-mail or social media. This does not apply in the event of a system crash and / or loss of data, for whatever reason. In these situations, Appearo is free from liability to the customer (see section 4).

3.2 Support Hours

Appearo reserves the right to change its support times, which appear on Appearo’s website.

3.3 Backup when subscribing to web hosting

If the customer’s subscription relates to web hosting, Appearo is responsible for daily backup of the customer’s data stored on Appearo’s servers. For web hosting, Appearo saves the customer’s backups the last 24 hours. However, should any backup system go out of use, Appearo is free from all responsibility towards the customer (see section 4).

4. Disclaimer

Appearo accepts no responsibility for any damage that a customer, directly or indirectly, suffers through the use of the subscription. This includes, but is not limited to; server crash, non-working backup system, downtime (for whatever reason), data loss and / or advice resulting in data loss. Customer can never claim any compensation for damage caused to the customer by Appearo.

5. Customer responsibility

The Customer’s responsibility towards Appearo means that:
– do not violate Swedish law.
– only use the service at Appearo that the customer ordered.
– do not conduct infringement attempts on other data that does not belong to the customer from their subscription.
– otherwise, do not use the subscription in such a way that inconvenience arises for Appearo or another.
– always contact Appearo through contact paths linked to the customer’s account, such as registered email address or registered telephone number.
– update their personal information.
– if the customer’s subscription relates to web hosting, do not resell or allow the third party to use the subscription (except Reseller, see 5.1).
– only enter domains in Appearo’s system owned by the customer.
– do not spread harmful material such as viruses or similar.
– do not spam others.

5.1 Reseller

Customer, whose subscription relates to web hosting, which holds the reseller account type is allowed to resell their account to a third party. However, on these occasions the customer should be responsible as between Appearo and third parties.

5.2 Customer’s breach of contract

Appearo is always entitled to terminate the subscription with immediate effect if the customer commits a breach of contract in contravention of this agreement.

6. Personal data

The customer understands that the personal data that the customer submits is collected and processed with the support of the Personal Data Act (1998: 204) and the General Data Protection Regulation (European Parliament and Council Regulation 2016/679) in order to fulfill the agreement between the customer and Appearo. The customer agrees that his personal information will be used in Appearo’s word and word processing, customer management system, registration, accounting and other administration and e-mail. Any complaints regarding the treatment are primarily sent to Appearo for correction. Continued complaints can then be sent to the Data Inspectorate.

6.1 Personal Data Assistance Agreement

Through the use of Appearo’s services, the customer commits to the current personal data access agreement.

7. Other conditions

7.1 Domain name

When ordering a domain name, the customer also approves the registration conditions of each top-level domain. Domain names are used immediately and cannot be undone.

7.2 IIS Registration Terms

When using a .SE domain, the customer agrees to the applicable IIS registration terms:
IIS registration terms for .se domain names

7.3 Extra services / products

Any extra service or product can be ordered via direct contact with Appearo. This agreement is the basis for all other agreements customers have with Appearo. Any agreement in addition to this agreement shall be regarded as supplementary agreement with this agreement as the main agreement.

7.4 Domains

For all domains that Appearo registers for the customer, the customer must stand as the owner (unless the customer wishes otherwise) and Appearo as possible technical / administrative contact.

7.5 Applicable law and dispute

Swedish law shall apply to this agreement. In the event of a dispute as a result of the agreement, an attempt must first be made between Appearo and the customer to agree a solution. If this fails, the dispute may be tried in the Swedish public court. The customer also has the opportunity to contact the General Complaints Board for a recommendation on resolution of the dispute.