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General Email Setup

IMAP- /POP- / SMTP-address: server.appearo.se
IMAP-port: 993 (the mail is saved on the server)
POP-port: 995 (the mail is downloaded to your device, nothing is saved on the server)
SMTP-port: 465
Authentication: Password
Use SSL: Yes
Username: Your email address
Password: Your email password

Log in to phpMyAdmin

Log in to phpMyAdmin

To be able to log in to phpMyAdmin on your web hosting account you first need to create a database. This is done via MySQL management in DirectAdmin.

Once the database with associated users is created, you can log in to phpMyAdmin via:


Replace mydomain.com with your domain.

If you want access to all databases, regardless of linked user, you can use the data you use when logging on to DirectAdmin also in phpMyAdmin. Needless to say, a database is then created.

Logga in i DirectAdmin

Logga in i DirectAdmin kontrollpanel

Att logga in på sitt webbhotells-konto är inte alls svårt. Gå till följande adress – Byt ut mindomän.se till vad ni har för domän på ert konto hos oss. Domännamnet måste peka mot våra servrar för att detta skall fungera.


Använd sedan de inloggningsuppgifter som blivit tilldelade er när ni skaffade ert konto hos oss.

Create an email account

Create an email account

To create an email account you need to log in to DirectAdmin.

When you are logged in, you choose “E-Mail Accounts”. Then you select “Create mail account”. In this view, you specify which email you want and password. Email Quota is the space you want to give your email account. Set zero if you want the account space to sink with your total amount of space with us.

Then click on “Create” and your account is created.

PHP versions, which do you support?

PHP versions, which do you support?

We are not like everyone else who refuses to use older PHP versions just because they have no more updates. Appearo has chosen to support PHP versions from 5.6 and up so that you who have an older website and right now do not want to change should have an opportunity to stay there.

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